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Download the Voltex App now
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About Voltex

Voltex is passionate about good people, high quality, and your success.

Voltex Electrical Accessories is an Australian electrical and data direct-to-contractor supplier with no shopfronts, providing a user-friendly online presence, personal service and a comprehensive range of high quality products, directly to Australia's electricians.

Established in February 2001, Voltex continues to achieve rapid, consistent growth by focusing on compliance, high performance and reliability, with an unflinching commitment to looking after electrical contractors, the guys that do the work.

How It Works!

Voltex Electrical is a 'manufacturer to end-user' company, controlling everything from design right through to using only direct distribution from Voltex's own warehouses to account-holding licenced electricians.

Being responsible for the Voltex brand, we take care of the design, build, certification, warranty, and distribution of all Voltex products, and partner with leading global players in production of circuit protection, industrial switch-gear and electrical accessories products.

This has streamlined the supply chain, and removed many layers and expenses out of the distribution, and helps fund continuous improvements in high quality production, outstanding service and genuine warranty support, passing savings on to our electrical contractor friends.

It's a very rewarding experience helping electricians reap the benefits of buying direct. The guy that does the hard work is the one who's benefited from Voltex’s innovations, and that's the way it was meant to be.

The Voltex Advantage for Contractors.

This gives Contractors a good recipe for success, and a competitive edge, in their own business. Forward ordering and buying online has meant a new way for the trade, and it's been a great honour to have the opportunity to help electricians make the change! Because we care about how electrical contractors get on.

Voltex strive to support customers through exceptional service, offering same-day despatch for orders placed by 3.30pm, phone support from 6.30am-5pm Mon-Fri (7am on Thurs due to company training), a 'No Questions Asked' return policy, and the 25 year warranty on all Voltex power points, switches and circuit control products.

The 'Lifetime Returns, No Questions Asked', all freight paid returns policy makes it easy for contractors' forward ordering. Whether you over-ordered, changed your mind, or simply lost that job, return freight is free, and we’ll credit the returns straight to your account.

Personal customer interactions are very welcome, and we'd love to hear from you on 1300 722 275, or live chat, email, text or Facebook. If you're in the area, please feel free to visit us. You're very welcome.