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Voltex is a fast-growing, evolving company.

The Voltex Culture is based on an open, values based meritocracy, in which trust and transparency deliver a fast moving and liberal working environment driven by an obsession with customer service.

This is a team where your ideas count, results bring influence, and you have the chance to be truly creative. It's an environment which favours quick learners with emergent leadership abilities.

Maintaining simplicity amid fast growth takes courage and commitment to the long game, and it's essential for speed!

The collaborative, educational Tuesday 6.30am Presentation sessions are an important part of the company culture and atmosphere, to help team members fast track their personal development and contribute to team performance!

Everything is based on 10 Core Values, and central to these is the pursuit of growth and execution of continuous improvement, both personally and in business skills.

At Voltex, every team member is required to live and breathe these core principles, and inspire this culture in others. They are principles that guide, motivate and inspire us as we bring the Mission to life. They are not what we do, but rather they describe the way we do what we do. They're the very essence of Voltex. And the Mission is why we do it.

Voltex’s Core Values

  1. Show Accountability through Transparency Defaulting to openness and inviting scrutiny.
  2. Show Care and CompassionInterested enough to care personally and challenge directly.
  3. Radiate Generosity and Liberality Showing a selfless, cheerful disposition.
  4. Balance Freedom and Responsibility Always using good judgement.
  5. Be Humble and Passionate Leading with confidence, competence and empathy.
  6. Do More with Less Looking for ways to be more frugal with time and resources.
  7. Embrace Meritocracy Staying fully accountable when seeking to move fast and simplify.
  8. Pursue Growth and Apply Learning Continually seeking out wisdom and executing in better ways.
  9. Be T-Shaped Mastering the role, but always interested and willing to assist in other areas.
  10. Work with Urgency and Decisiveness Executing with energy and edge in everything you do.
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