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Black Cable Ties 300 x 4.8mm - 100 Pack

Now in Zip-Lock bags for easier dispensing and storage. Voltex cable ties are produced from UV stabilised high grade nylon 6.6 to achieve high tensile strength. With their special 'bent' and rounded tip, they're quick and easy to install. Even faster with the Cable Tie Gun which tightens and trims the cable ties for you and ensures a neat, clean and uniform professional finish..

Often referred to as zip ties, they're used to harness cables etc to support systems, or bundle cables together. Functioning like straps, cable ties are available in miniature sizes for holding small loads, and are also fabricated in long lengths for large items or bundles.

Voltex cable ties are a one piece injection moulded design with a unique four-tooth engagement within the one-piece head to provide maximum strength and smooth adjustability. This ensures the tensile capacity of the cable tie is fully maximised.

  • Bundle Diameter: 80mm
  • Material: Nylon 66
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C
  • Flammability: U.L. 94V-2
  • UV Stability: Exceeds ASTM-D-4066
  • Loop Tensile Strength: N (lbf): 220 (50)
  • Smooth round edges
  • Closely spaced locking teeth permit fine adjustment
  • No metal parts
  • Bent tip allows for easier pick up, insertion and pull-up
Cable Ties Product Data Sheet PDS062317
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