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52" Black DC Ceiling Fan with Remote and 20W Tricolour Light

Voltex Ceiling Fan

Stylish to stand out and sleek to blend in!

Introducing the brand new Voltex Ceiling Fan range, fit for the Aussie summer.

Designed from the ground up using sparkie’s and end user’s feedback, it’s stacked with features to make your life a breeze!

Featuring a roomy canopy, 7-year warranty, precision speed control, low noise and not just your average remote control.

Lights, Colour, Action!

Give your customer the choice. Black or White? Light or No Light?

Roomy canopy for easy install.

Designed to easily fit over the fan hanging bracket, receiver, and cables with plenty of wiggle room – heaps of sparkies asked for this! The canopy screws are cleverly hidden by the magnetic cover for a neat and easy install.

Super Quiet.

The super slow sleep mode creates just enough air movement to simulate an open window or a slight breeze throughout the night while remaining super quiet.

Intuitive Remote Control.

For ultimate ease of use, you’ll find dedicated buttons for hassle free dimming, tri-colour adjustment, on/off. Feedback resulted in the 1, 2 and 4 hour timers included.

Easily reverse the direction of the fan for Winter mode with the single press of a button.

All with 7-year warranty. Built to last.

You’re backed up with the Voltex 7-year parts and labour warranty on the entire fitting (motor, blades, receiver, LED driver – the lot!).

Colours Matte Black, Matte White
Motor wattage 40W
Motor type DC
Air delivery 239㎥ /min on high - 74㎥ /min on low
Blades 3
Diameter 52”
Blade material ABS
Reverse mode Yes (via remote)
Speed High 220RPM – Low 71RPM
Remote with LED 6 speed without LED 5 speed(via remote)
Warranty 7 years
Weight 7kg
Maximum install angle 15 degrees
Lumen 90-1640lm (via remote)
Light wattage 20W
Light V 36V
Light type LED
Tri colour 2700K – 4000K – 5700K (via remote)
Remote frequency Nominal 434MHz
Depth from Ceiling 298mm
Installation area Indoor, Covered outdoor
Base diameter 150mm
  • Light will not come on automatically when power interruption occurs
  • Light will only change colour temperature when the Tricolour button is pressed


Pairing a New Remote to the fan:

  1.  Ensure Remote has batteries fitted & power to wall switch is on.
  2. Turn wall switch off for minimum 10 seconds.
  3. Turn wall switch back on- The fan should emit a short "beep" sound.
  4. Press & hold the "ON" button on the remote & continue to hold until a double "beep" is heard.
  5. Release the button.

Remote should now be paired & old remote automatically unpaired.

Product Data Sheet
Installation Instruction Manual
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