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Coarse Thread Screw PH2 Philips Pan Head 32mm - 100 Pack

The all purpose fixing screw that bites!

No more plugs, no more spaghetti - one screw for all fixing applications. Fixes into concrete, brick, stone, hebel, plasterboard and timber.

The Coarse Thread Screw is an all steel, one piece, threaded fastener, which is used to fasten various fixtures directly to drywall etc. Coarse Thread Screws are fast. Unlike conventional screw anchors, which require the secondary step of threading a sheet metal screw into an anchor, these are installed directly through the fixture into the drywall.

  • No second step. Installs directly through fixture into wallboard
  • Design provides for smooth entry, clean cutting and a powerful hold
  • If removed, the Coarse Threaded Screw leaves a much smaller hole than toggles or other systems
  • Installs quickly and easily with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Can be easily backed out
  • 5mm hole for pre-drilling
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