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Three Module RCBO 3P+N 6kA C-Curve 30mA with Neutral Lead Type A

Inner Carton
Outer Carton
24 units

Suits Busbar BUS-3P-6M

Only 3 poles wide (54mm), this compact RCBO is perfect for replacing 3 pole MCBs in many switchboard upgrades, and can also be used on 3-phase-3-wire circuits (eg. motor without neutral), dual-phase appliances, etc. Seek guidance from equipment manufacturor on recommended residual current protection device type, as EMC filtering (on inverter drives etc) can cause unwanted tripping in some applications.

Neutral pole is 'solid' (not switched) and fed by a 900mm long tail (a spare bootlace end crimp is supplied).

For 415v/2-phase: use "L3/L5" Line, and "L4/L6" Load, (don't use "L1-L2").

For single phase dual tarriff : L1 = 'Offpeak' supply; L3 = Neutral busbar; L5 = 'Peak' supply; (Neutral 'out' is terminal 'L4', do not use tail or output 'N' terminal). This wiring means the test button will function whenever 'Peak' supply is available.

Fits Voltex WSBS and C66 range. Fits SBS range and SBF-12/18 way switchboards, when mounted with the terminal bars uppermost. Fits CUBO 12/18way boards, and 24/36way boards when mounted on the lowest DIN rail. (Will NOT fit into SC-4 surface cover.)

Note: This product differs from the Voltex Uniline family of products:- dimensions, lever position and wiring orientation is different. Uniline single phase RCBOs have busbar line feed from BELOW, the 3P+N RCBO has line connections at the TOP (additional clearance required on bottom load connections due to 110mm length).

ESV Compliance: Exempt (RCBO over 110mm length)

Width 54mm (3 standard modules)
Rated current (In) 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A
Rated Voltage (Un) 400/415VAC (NOT suitable for 480v single phase SWER)
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Number of Poles 3P+N
Poles Switched 3x Active poles (Solid Neutral)
Overcurrent Tripping Charactoristics 'C' curve (5-10x In)
Earth-leakage Protection Class 'A' Type
Breaking Capacity 6kA
Rated Residual Current 30mA
ESV Compliance Exempt (RCBO over 110mm length)
Maximum Cable Size Line- 35mm2 / Load- 25mm2
Terminal Tightening Torque 2.5Nm
IP Degree IP20
Mounting Standard 35mm Din Rail
Length of Neutral Lead 900mm (spare crimp ferrule supplied)
Suitable Busbar BUS-3P-6M
Dimensionally similar to

Schneider / Merlin Gerin chassis -Acti9 iC60N series
IPD chassis (some)
Eureka chassis
(All brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and for reference only.)

Use in Voltex Switchboards:
Surface: SBS_(all); Flush: SBF_ 12 to 18. (terminal bars at the TOP)
Weatherproof: WSBS_ (All), C66CB4N

DOES NOT FIT  SC-3 (Use SBS-4 as alternative)

Three Module RCBO Specsheet


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