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Weatherproof Sunset Switch

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Sunset Switch WPSS-16

day and night

Exterior Lighting

The Voltex Sunset Switch provides ON/OFF control using a photo-electric sensor that detects the ambient light level and switches the output relay accordingly.

Automate Exterior Lighting

No False Starts

An in-built one-minute delay prevents the unit from switching if ambient light levels change temporarily. This means that lights won't turn on if the sensor is momentarily blocked and lights won’t turn off at night due to car headlights.

Rugged Construction

With IP66 Protection and manufactured from UV Stabilised Polycarbonate, the Sunset switch is designed to automate outdoor lighting.


Operating Modes

The Sunset switch has four operating modes, giving flexibility to setup the product for different applications.

Dusk-Dawn Mode (Default Mode)

Turns the load ON at dusk and OFF at dawn

Dusk-Dawn Mode

Delay Timer Mode

Turns the load ON at dusk and runs for a fixed duration after sunset.
Useful when lights are only required for the first part of the night and can then be turned off to save power.

Example: Setup to turn lights on at dusk and off after 4 hours.

Delay Timer Mode

Real Time Mode

Real Time mode lights turn ON at dusk and turn OFF time at the same time of night, every night.

Example: Setup to turn lights on at dusk and off at midnight.

Real Time Mode

ECO Mode

In ECO mode, the Sunset switch will turn lights ON at dusk for 50% of the night, then turn them OFF for up to 35% of the night and back ON again until dawn. This means that lights will be on if leaving or returning when it is dark. This mode automatically adjusts ON/OFF to the seasons.

ECO Mode


The unit can be retrofitted directly onto existing HPM sunset switch bases. This makes it easy to replace existing units for upgrades or repairs.

7 Year Warranty


Operating Voltage 220 – 240Vac 50Hz
Maximum Load Ratings 5A LED Lighting
16A incandescent and halogen
16A fluorescent
Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C
Ingress Protection IP66
Material UV stabilised Polycarbonate
Minimum Load 0 W
Switching levels ON – 25 Lux, OFF – 50 Lux
Turn ON/OFF delay

1 minute

Timer Range 30 minutes to 15.5 hours
Timer Steps 30 minutes

W=83mm H=83mm D=54mm

Compliance CISPR15, AS/NZS 61347.2.11

Operating Modes

Mode Description
Dusk-Dawn (DEFAULT Mode) Turns the load ON at dusk and OFF at dawn. The product is supplied set to this mode
Delay Timer Turns the load ON at dusk and runs for a pre-set length of time every night
The ON time can be set in 30 minutes increments, from 30 minutes to 15.5 hours
Real Time Turns the load ON at dusk and OFF at the same set time of night, every night
ECO Turns the load ON at dusk, OFF during the middle of the night, and back ON again until dawn

SunSet Switch WPSS-16 Product Data Sheet
Sunset Switch WPSS-16 Installation Manual

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