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Daylight Harvesting Sensor to suit Both HBL and HCL LED High Bay

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Order by 3:30pm Monday-Friday, and we should be able to ship your order out the same day. Orders placed during a weekend or public holiday will be processed the next business day.

Daylight harvesting systems use daylight to offset the amount of artificial lighting needed to maintain an area at a certain lux level. This is accomplished using a lighting control system that is able to dim the high bay in response to changing daylight availability.

Voltex LED high bays come with a 0-10v dimmable driver already fitted. The 0-10v dimming lead has a 2-pin connector which the Daylight harvesting sesor simply plugs straght into. An optional mounting bracket can be purchased which suits the daylight harvesting sensor. Notice the sensor when mounted correctly only recieves reflected illuminance from beneath, so it can factor in the additional natural light from the surroundings.

The sensor set level is adjusted to maintain the room at different lux levels, according to the client’s requirement. You will need to make the final adjustments on site, using a LUX meter on the bench or floor below the light/s. (Search for a free LUX App and install it on your smartphone!). With a small flat blade screwdriver, turn the adjustment screw to the '+' symbol to increase the set level, '-' to decrease.

As the natural light level increases, through skylights or openings during the day, the sensor will detect the increase light level and the Voltex High Bay will automatically dim down, maintaining the room at the set light level, and as the natural light decreases the high bay will increase its brightness until it reaches full output.


Operating Voltage 1~10Vdc
Dimming Range 10%~100%
Application Office, workshop, warehouse
Max. Current Sink 50mA (Maximum Rating)
IP Rating IP20
Operating Temperature 0°C~45°C
Cable Length 80cm
Detection Angle 90°
Mounting Option HBL-DSMB mounting bracket

Daylight Harvesting Sensor Product Data Sheet PDS170717

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